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notpluralenough's Journal

insufficiently plural
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Median? Midcontinuum? Uncertain? Not feeling like you meet the standards of "multiplicity" but not really identifying as a singlet either? Feel like you have different identities, imaginary friends, "masks", personas? Exploring the concept of multiple identities? Not sure if you're properly officially plural or not? Come in and tell us about it.

Singlet? Soulbonder? Daemian? MPD/DID? Functional multiple? You're perfectly welcome too.

Only rule I can think of offhand: no announcing that someone is "fake" or "deceiving themselves" or whatever. If they are, they'll figure it out for themselves soon enough, k?

You are not required to share anyone's spiritual beliefs or their theories about their system's origins or the causes of plurality in general - but you are required to be reasonably polite about them.

Aaaaand... that'd be about it. It'd like to keep this place fairly low-key and wank-free if possible, please. Friends-locking posts is encouraged but not compulsory.

Other possibly-relevant communities:

multiplicity: Community for the discussion of all aspects of plurality/multiplicity.
soulbonding: Community for the discussion of, you guessed it, soulbonding.
sbtalk: Community with a focus on personal chat about soulbonds and sharing of experiences.
fragmentedminds: A community for discussion of plurality, MPD/DID and dissociation.
thoughtfluff: A community for discussion of fiction, identification with fictional characters, and the impact fiction can have on one's life, including soulbonding.